Friday, October 11, 2019

Nancy Mairs-Disability

A forty three year old woman has multiple sclerosis and she can barely walk with a brace and a cane. She saw another woman with MS in a show who wants to go to Kenya and live a happy life. She almost did it, made up to the taxi but no escape to Kenya for the cripple. The woman with sclerosis believes that crippled people should be considered same as the normal people. People acts differently to handicapped patients. Crippled patients want them to be considered a part of the world, not like being alienated by the normal beings.The meaning of the article is to make people understand how normal beings should consider the handicapped patients equal and not different. Media should portray disables as part of everyday life because otherwise they deny disability and leave TAP (Temporary Abled People) unprepared to cope if they become disabled. They should treat them the same way they treat everyone. The handicapped people are treated differently and are alienated, they want their freedom to o. The author is trying to say that human beings acts differently when they see handicapped people which are true.The woman here is trying to connect herself to this world. Nancy Mairs is narrating the whole essay which means she used narration style of writing. In this style the writer tells a story. A story has characters, a setting, a time, a problem, attempts at solving the problem, and a solution to the problem. The whole essay is a story of a woman who has multiple sclerosis. She explained her point though this type of writing. She used first person as to narrate her story and explain why people act different to handicapped people.

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