Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 10

Assignment Example e researchers argue that this definition is inefficient because they believe that some individuals may diverge from biological norms and be alright without being sick. The World Health Organization (WHO) came up with their definition to cover the gap that exists in the biomedical definition. The organization defines health as the status in which a person has completeness in the social, physical, and mental being. WHO formulated this definition of health in 1946 during the development of its constitution. Researchers argue that this definition is superior to the biomedical meaning because it considers the physical, social, and mental conditions of human beings (Gedge, & Waluchow, 2012). This definition also does not ignore the impact of the society on the health of individuals. However, the WHO meaning of health also has a weakness because scientists argue that it is impossible to achieve completeness in the social, physical, and mental being at the same time. The third definition of individual health is that of Health Canada, which states that health is a state in which people familiarize and respond to their daily activities (Gedge, & Wacluchow, 2012). This description of health improves that of WHO because it does not require individuals to achieve completeness in physical, social, and mental condition. The fact that this definition is superior to that of WHO indicates that it is also superior to the biomedical description of health. The word health may also be defined in terms of the wellbeing of the whole population in the society rather than individuals only. The health of the population refers to the wellbeing of all individuals in the society as indicated by physical, social, and economic surroundings, health pointers, health services, and childhood development (Gedge, & Wacluchow, 2012). This means that population health deals with the factors that affect the health of numerous individuals in the society at the same time. This interrelationship between

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