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A New Healthcare Strategy For The Delivery Of Care

Healthcare financing is proven to be challenging. A balance between adequate access, acceptable quality and affordable cost are the main objectives of a healthcare system (Paterson, 2014, p. 13). The island of Tekram is finding extremely difficult to achieve a solution to the current crisis of their healthcare system. The objective to this case study is to recommend a new healthcare strategy to island government. Objectives: 1. To improve educational level of Tekram residents. 2. To increase economic development in poverty areas. 3. To decrease prevalence of are preventable health problems. Goal: To decrease the prevalence of the top 3 conditions present on Tekram population (which are cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes) by 50% within 5 years. Tekram new health strategy should focus on preventive medicine. Preventive measures have been proven to save money in the delivery of care. Major health problems of Tekram are cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes. All three of these conditions are greatly reduced in prevalence with the appropriate education (Prevention for a Healthier America, 2009). In addition, other problems like tuberculosis can be help with education. For instance, if people are educated about finishing the course of antibiotics, then less cases of drug-resistant will emerge. However, health in a society is developed by increase in the educational level, improvement in the environment, and economic development on areas of poverty (Paterson,Show MoreRelatedHealth Care Vs. Healthcare System1052 Words   |  5 Pagesin deteriorating situation. Health insurance has been assisting avenue for many people; however, many are still left with no insurance. This essay compares health care system in United State and healthcare system in Nigeria. Americans have healthcare system that ensures that most people in United State are covered by good healthcare insurance. According to LaTour, â€Å"In 1965, passage of a number of amendments to the Social Security Act brought Medicare and Medicaid into existence† (15). MedicareRead MoreDelivery Of Robots And Clinical Setting1250 Words   |  5 Pages Delivery of Robots in Clinical Setting Over the past few years, tremendous technological innovations have taken place. The field of robotics has undergone great development, which has seen robots being intergraded into important sectors of the economy including healthcare. Robotic technologies in healthcare are utilized in a wide range of function including diagnosing of patients, surgery, medication distribution, surgery, and delivery of food to patients. Allen (2015)Read MoreStakeholders Are A Big Part Of A Healthcare Organization1481 Words   |  6 PagesStakeholders are a big part of a healthcare organization. They play a major role in the Healthcare Delivery System that plays a part in the performance and the health of the organization. Five of the major stakeholders consist of government, providers (which includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers), patients, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies. Based off of the healthcare delivery system where it stands now, there are so me recommendations that the stakeholderRead MoreThe New Healthcare Reform ( Aca )1441 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Before the new healthcare reform (ACA) not too many had access or means for healthcare. Practitioners charged what they wanted and ordered extra and unnecessary treatments. With the implementation of a new way to cover healthcare, the system finds itself struggling to make a quick response to local markets while they struggle with shifts from fee for service to value care, using theoretical public health models, dealing with target populations, delivering quality care while keeping theirRead MoreImproving Patient Satisfaction, Quality, And Performance1398 Words   |  6 Pagesinfrastructure of health care delivery in the United States and around the world. The healthcare industry has embraced advancements in technology and integrated computerized systems in an effort to improve patient satisfaction, quality, and performance. Telehealth is a form of healthcare delivery that provides immediate access to health services to rural populations, patients that are not able to physicall y attend medical appointments, and remote locations around the world. Healthcare organizations areRead MoreA Presentation Of A Strategic Analysis Of Hospital At Home Program Of Presbyterian Healthcare Services1595 Words   |  7 Pagesprogram of Presbyterian Healthcare Services in New Mexico, which seeks to improve care quality and patient satisfaction while reducing costs. The analysis identifies the key issues, conducts a situational analysis, presents strategy formulation, offers recommendations, designs the implementation of strategies, and concludes with benchmarks for success which utilize contingency plans. It is outlined how Presbyterian Healthcare Services are well suited to use the Johns Hopkins home care model. PHS will requireRead MoreCurrent Health Care Marketing Techniques and Trends821 Words   |  3 PagesHealth Care Marketing Techniques and Trends Current Health Care Marketing Techniques and Trends: In past few decades, the nature of marketing in the health care industry has changed significantly because of the recent developments that have contributed to the need to develop innovative marketing techniques and trends. These developments witnessed the adoption of marketing techniques from other industries and the creation of marketing approaches that are healthcare-specific. Some of the new marketingRead MoreEssay On Marketing In Health Care1094 Words   |  5 PagesHealth Care and other Industries Proper marketing in healthcare is necessary in the sense that it helps healthcare organization to market their services, promote their products and services and improve the overall health of the community (Codourey, 2013). It is also a critical factor in improving delivery and quality of service provided by a healthcare organization, thus enhancing effectiveness and patient satisfaction in general. A variety of marketing techniques are employed in healthcare marketingRead MoreEffective Management Of Organizational Standards Of Practice Essay1748 Words   |  7 PagesLeadership in healthcare requires navigation, skill, and adaptability within the ever changing healthcare delivery system. Seven central leadership issues have been investigated for effective management of organizational standards of practice, in a two part case study. The following is part 1 of the leadership case study addressing: leadership and current healthcare environment, leadership and patient outcomes, and leade rship and change management. Information for the case study was gathered by aRead MoreEssay On Health Workforce Trends1400 Words   |  6 Pages Shortage of healthcare workers in US is a well-known phenomenon. With the baby-boomer generation coming to its retirement the acute shortage of talented workforce is a major challenge before the US health care. There are a number of trends in health care that are currently affecting the workforce dynamics. The use of technology in health care has increased over time and increasingly health care organizations are adopting new technologies to make their services better. It is an important trend

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