Monday, March 30, 2020

Bangalore Exploring an alien city Essays

Bangalore Exploring an alien city Essays Bangalore Exploring an alien city Essay Bangalore Exploring an alien city Essay How exciting would that be, the moment I imagine of starting a life in Bangor, my dream city. Strange thoughts filled in my mind, anticipating the outcome. I started my Job search and found the Job market quite responsive. I got the first call, then one and then another for the Job opportunity as filtered by me in Nikkei and monster. Well!! Now its the time to take it all at my stride. And finally, there it is. To my utter surprise and Gods blessings, I got my first break in a privately owned company located near my PEG at Grammarian. My Joys knew no bounds! Of course, now I am employed, I can try out many places, the food delicacies, the enchanting city life, different attires, and ways of grooming myself at my best. Oh, I loved the taste of yummy birdbrains, bar pap, panaches , sizzlers and the rocking time I had in barbeques nation on a grand office gala party. The colors of freedom taking its toll! I can do anything which I desire! But of course, I always make it a point to share those experiences with my family and keep them informed about my move. Enjoying the posh lifestyle, I came across many friends from diverse ultra and origin. Each day is happening and inviting something new, and I loved the newness protruding into my life. Transforming myself from a typical village looking girl to chic look lass had a lot added benefits! Right from a single Faceable update to a status change has its impact so much so that I bagged 80 likes for my new pick update!! And comments with posts flooded my inbox. A new look and a new girl in town, I had many things in my mind to do, to enjoy! So many invites to add me in Faceable. Oh! I am loving it! Talking about the city, the city is clean and its people ere are quite helpful, welcoming and compassionate, despite the auto rickshaw pullers who annoy the new bees and charge high on fares. Being a victim of overcharging, I still recall the fights I encountered such cumbersome situations with the rickracks. Vendors such as catwalks, pain purr Wallas, Juice/corn sellers, or the ice cream Wallas wont bother you much for chillers, unlike other places. And one thing I noted here, no question of bargaining!! If you like, you pick at the price fixed. No arguments and no word of mouth! Strange enough, sometimes it astonishes me to mind that all the Archie rich, elite class dwells in the city clearly manifesting the extravagant touch in the air. Once your wallet is full, you will find it easy to go, else be in limits. Coming across the travels and tours in and around the city, I visited Nadia hills, Tip sultan palace, and Moser. I was so charmed by the malls and the parks which beautify the city more. There are many other places yet to be visited, to be seen. Exploring the city itself is so fun and exciting . I have still much more to find out and explore. Bangor Exploring an alien city By shabbiness

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